Welcome to Avana Surgical Systems' Polar Care Wave Rentals, where we specialize in providing top-notch solutions for post-operative care and recovery. Understanding the importance of effective pain management and swift rehabilitation, we offer the Polar Care Wave, a cutting-edge device designed to deliver quick and convenient relief to patients post-surgery.

Why Choose Polar Care Wave? Here's What Sets It Apart:

Ease of Use:
  • Tailored for individual use, right from the medical facility to your home.
  • Straightforward and hassle-free - no complex instructions or extra barriers.
  • No additional barrier neededComes with an ice bag accessory to make refilling the system a breeze.
Tailored Recovery Experience:
  • Adjustable settings for cold and compression to suit your unique recovery path.
  • Includes a Y-adapter for simultaneous bilateral treatment if needed.
  • Offers a variety of pad configurations to cater to different areas of the body.
Designed for Convenience:
  • Compact and easy to carry, making it your perfect recovery companion.
  • Options available for both the system alone or as a combo with specific pads.
  • Hose-management storage system
  • Features a quiet pump and a neat hose storage system, ensuring a peaceful recovery environment.

Full-Service Rental Program

you get a concierge-level rental program for total peace of mind, start to finish. Easy for prescribing physicians and easy for patients coming back from an injury or surgery, the service takes care of electronic paperwork, insurance billing, product usage education, and contactless delivery and returns. All with 24/7 nurse support so you can focus on your recovery and get back to what matters.

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